ワークショップ「六甲からはじめる vol.9 at Mayu Studio for Kilns」 Workshop “Start from Rokko vol.9 at Mayu Studio for Kilns”

3 November, 2016

Mayu Studio for Kilns  in the Open Studio.

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2012年3月 植田麻由


Workshop “Start from Rokko”

I was born and grew up, and live in Kobe.

Kobe is very close to the mountain and the sea.

I live at the foot of Mt. Rokko .

Kobe is a beautiful city, but there was a big earthquake in 1995.

Then, there was the Great East Japan Earthquake in Japan in 2011.

So I will be start my volunteer project using the wool.   this is a separate project from my work.

I use wool as a tool to connect a person and a person together.

I value place.

So I begin this project from the wool of the Mt. Rokko farm of Kobe where I was born.

March,2012   Mayu Ueda